About Real Tax Services LLC

Accountant, Bookkeeper & Tax Preparer in Winter Haven, Florida

Real Tax Services LLC

Real Tax Services is a tax preparation business created in 2015 to help provide personal, business, and corporate tax knowledge and assistance on how to better understanding tax laws when filing federal tax returns. I aspire to help clients to become knowledgeable on what are important steps needed to be taken during the year to have higher tax advantages when filing their income tax return each year.

We specialize in tax planning, IRS Resolution Services, bookkeeping, payroll services, notary services, ITIN application, and consultations for clients needing the extra service help when they have confusing questions and not sure in which direction to go. I offer one-on-one consultant sessions to clients on finding solutions that create a benefit for tax filing.

We take a proactive approach to each client's tax situation and help plan for more informed, better tax filing seasons from the first visit moving forward. Strategy is crucial to minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing available deductions and credits.